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Welcome to D’flowerino, your destination for exquisite dry flower arrangements, potpourri, decorative scented candles, and more. We are a trusted brand committed to bringing you unique pieces crafted with love and care, designed to add a touch of elegance and charm to your living spaces.

Dry flowers are nature’s gift, offering not only durability but also a 100% natural and organic product identity. Unlike fresh flowers that wither away within days, dry flowers retain their beauty and vibrancy for an average of one year. When dyed, they can last even longer, adding a touch of lasting beauty to your décor.

At D’flowerino, we recognize the special place that dry flowers hold in celebrations and home decorations. With their long-lasting value and a plethora of decorative options, they provide an ideal solution for those seeking an enduring and captivating floral experience. Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday enjoyment, our dry flower arrangements bring a rustic charm and a touch of nature’s splendor to any setting.

Potpourri, another delightful offering from D’flowerino, is an aesthetic mixture of dried natural flower petals and botanicals. With their magnetic and attractive colors and exotic natural fragrances, our potpourri creations create a soothing and inviting ambiance that reflects your personal style. Each carefully curated blend captures the essence of nature, allowing you to infuse your surroundings with a touch of tranquility and charm.

Our design language at D’flowerino is centered around style, luxury, sophistication, and minimalism. We pride ourselves on offering items that unfold your persona and define your taste, making a chic style statement in your home décor. Our collection spans from classic to neo-classic, edgy to sophisticated, neutral to vibrant, and glamour to elegance. We are committed to staying ahead of trends, continuously enhancing our collection to ensure we cater to your evolving preferences and elevate the overall aesthetic of your home interiors.

At D’flowerino, we believe that a well-curated space has the power to transform your living experience. We invite you to explore our exquisite range of dry flower arrangements, potpourri, and decorative products, and discover the perfect pieces that resonate with your unique style and sensibilities. Let us help you create a harmonious and captivating atmosphere that brings you joy and serenity every day.

Experience the beauty and longevity of dry flowers, the allure of potpourri, and the elegance of our decorative scented candles. Choose D’flowerino for a touch of nature’s splendor in your home, and embark on a journey of happy living.

Embrace beauty that lasts.

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Our Story

Welcome to D’flowrino, where nature’s beauty meets empowerment. We are delighted to share our journey with you, a story of resilience, collaboration, and the power of women.

In 1991, M/S Samrrat International, a reputable marketing organization, was founded with the vision of bringing exceptional products to the world. For a decade, we thrived in the market, building relationships and creating a name known for quality and innovation.

However, in 2001, unforeseen circumstances forced us to pause our operations. Despite the setback, we never lost sight of our purpose and passion. Determined to rise again, we embarked on a new chapter, one that would not only redefine our brand but also make a meaningful impact on the lives of underprivileged women.

Enter The Femi-Power Foundation, an NGO dedicated to empowering women through its Women Empowerment Programme. Sharing a common goal, we joined forces, forming a joint venture that would become D’flowrino.

The Femi-Power Foundation believes in granting power to women living under reduced conditions, enabling them to overcome challenges and become self-reliant. Through essential means and skill development initiatives, the foundation equips these women with the tools they need to climb the ladder of empowerment.

At D’flowrino, we recognized an opportunity to merge our marketing expertise with the processing capabilities of The Femi-Power Foundation. Together, we embarked on a journey to create organic artisanal products that celebrate the beauty of nature while uplifting the lives of women.

The talented members of The Femi-Power Foundation are at the heart of our operations. They diligently process and manufacture a diverse range of products, including potpourri, botanicals, dry flowers, decorative fragmented items, and scented decorative candles. Each item is meticulously crafted with love and care, capturing the essence of nature’s enchantment.

We are proud to bring these exquisite creations to you, bridging the gap between sustainability and style. Every D’flowrino product you choose supports the cause of women empowerment, helping underprivileged women find their path to self-reliance and a brighter future.

Our commitment goes beyond offering remarkable products. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your experience with D’flowrino is nothing short of delightful. From the moment you discover our brand to the joy of unwrapping your purchase, we aim to create a seamless journey filled with beauty, inspiration, and positive change.

Join us in celebrating the power of women and the wonders of nature. Together, we can make a difference, one artisanal creation at a time. Welcome to D’flowrino, where empowerment blossoms.

About The Femi-Power Foundation

Welcome to The Femi-Power Foundation, an NGO dedicated to empowering underprivileged women in India. Our mission is to move mountains in the pursuit of empowering and providing privileges to the less fortunate women of our nation. We believe that by increasing their capabilities and enhancing their skills, we can help transform them into agents of positive change for India.

As a social welfare organization, we are committed to granting more power to women living under reduced conditions. We believe that every woman has the potential to thrive and succeed given the right resources and support. With this belief at the core of our work, we focus on providing essential means and skill development opportunities to help women climb the ladder of self-reliance.

One of the avenues through which we achieve our goals is through the manufacturing and processing of various dry flower products, decorative scented candles, and other decorative items. These products serve as a platform for our members to showcase their talents, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. By engaging in these activities, the women we support gain valuable skills, experience, and economic independence.

To further amplify the impact of our work, we have formed a strategic partnership with M/S Samrrat International. With their expertise as a mature and intent-driven marketing organization, we are able to effectively market the products created by the women in our foundation. This collaboration enables us to reach a wider audience both within India and internationally, showcasing the incredible craftsmanship and unique offerings of our members.

At The Femi-Power Foundation, we are driven by a deep commitment to social change and gender equality. We believe that empowering women is not just a necessity but also a catalyst for overall development and progress. Through our initiatives, we aim to create a society where every woman has the opportunity to fulfill her potential and contribute meaningfully to her community and country.

Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to uplift underprivileged women, provide them with the means to build a better future, and create a more inclusive and empowered society for all.

Together, let’s unlock the true power of women and make a lasting impact.

Manufacturing Process

Alright, let’s dive into the laid-back, casual world of D’flowerino product manufacturing:

  • Step 1: We start off in the lush orchards and enchanting hilly forests of Orissa and other stunning locations across India. That’s where our expert gatherers embark on a treasure hunt, carefully handpicking the finest flowers. It’s like a floral adventure!
  • Step 2: Once we have our beautiful blooms, we take them on a moisture-removal journey. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves—sun drying, freeze drying, or the cool silica drying technique. These methods work their magic, bidding farewell to any lingering dampness.
  • Step 3: Now it’s time for a touch of artistry. Our skilled craftsmen, with nimble fingers and some mechanical help, shape the flowers and components into an array of eye-catching forms. From different shapes and patterns to sizes that fit any occasion, they turn petals into works of floral art.
  • Step 4: After their creative transformation, our floral wonders need a bit of pampering. We give them a good scrub using brushes or treat them to a refreshing dip in saline water or a splash of an anti-fungal solution. We want them squeaky clean and ready to shine!
  • Step 5: Colors, colors, colors! We bring out the vibrant hues to make our products pop. Using bleaching or spray coloring techniques, we dye our creations with organic, vegetable-based, or non-toxic chemical colors. It’s our way of keeping things eco-friendly, because we care about our precious environment.
  • Step 6: Ah, the enchanting realm of potpourri! For those seeking an extra dash of fragrance, we sprinkle our floral treasures with aromatic wonders. We want your senses to be delighted and your space to be filled with the captivating scents of nature.
  • Step 7: When it comes to bouquet and bunch arrangements, we’ve got a team of talented women artisans from an amazing NGO—the Femme Power Foundation. These incredible ladies work their magic, arranging and decorating the items with their artistic flair. They create designs that’ll make your heart skip a beat!
  • Step 8: It’s time to wrap up our creations in style. We’ve got an assortment of attractive, high-quality packing materials that perfectly complement each product. After all, first impressions matter, and we want our packaging to mirror the beauty within.
  • Step 9: And there you have it—the grand finale! Our beloved products embark on their journey to your doorstep. We ensure they’re carefully delivered, so you can unwrap your floral treasures and experience the joy they bring. It’s all about sharing the love and beauty of D’flowerino with our wonderful customers.

So, sit back, relax, and let us weave a floral tale just for you!

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Ranjan Kumar Rudra

MD (Samrrat International x D'Flowerino)

Dr Urmi Rudra

Chairman (Femi-Power Foundation)

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