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“Forget-me-not” is a captivating floral arrangement with 20 small assorted pink and red roses, delicately adorned with grass sticks and munni grass. Nestled in a ceramic pot, it exudes refined charm and symbolizes enduring love and cherished memories.


Introducing the exquisite “Forget-me-not,” a captivating ode to timeless elegance and sentimental allure. This enchanting arrangement features 20 small assorted pink and red color roses, their delicate petals blooming with grace and passion. Delicate grass sticks and the ethereal beauty of munni grass intertwine, adding a touch of delicate sophistication. Nestled in a ceramic pot, this composition exudes refined charm and grace, effortlessly enhancing any space with its presence. “Forget-me-not” serves as a symbol of enduring love and cherished memories, a gentle reminder to treasure every precious moment. Embrace the poetic beauty of this arrangement and let it whisper its timeless message in the language of flowers.


Product Ingredients:

Small asorted pink and red colour roses – 20 pcs,grass sticks, munni grass, ceramic pot.


Best Fit For:

This product exudes timeless beauty, gracing bedroom or dining room table tops with its exquisite blooms, delicate fragrance, and irresistible charm.


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