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Orange Ornamental


“Orange Ornamental” is an elegant floral arrangement with 5 White Big Sola Roses, 4 White Small Roses, 4 Orange Big Sola Roses, and more. Its curated ingredients and harmonious design embody timeless beauty and sophistication.


Introducing the exquisite “Orange Ornamental,” an embodiment of refined elegance and floral splendor. This enchanting arrangement gracefully combines 5 White Big Sola Roses, 4 White Small Roses, 4 Orange Big Sola Roses, 3 Orange Big Palm Roses, 2 Natural Sola Flowers, 4 Natural Coco Roses, 2 Orange Small Bell Cups, 2 Violet Small Bell Cups, 3 Small Pines, and 1 Amra Small. Bathed in the luxurious hues of coco spring white, orange, natural, and chocolate, each bloom radiates an aura of sophistication. With its meticulously curated ingredients and harmonious design, “Orange Ornamental” is a testament to timeless beauty and an exquisite addition to any space.


Product Ingredients:

White big sola rose-5,white small rose-4, orange big sola rose-4,orange big palm rose-3, natural sola flower-2,natural coco rose-4, orange small bell cup-2, violet small bell cup-2, small pine-3, amra small-1, coco springwhite,orange,natural,chocolate.


Best Fit For:

Ideal for office and home table tops, bursts with vibrant colors, and a touch of natural beauty, effortlessly enhancing any space with its elegant presence.


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