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Sunny Summer


“Sunny Summer” is an elegant arrangement with 50 wheat sticks, radiating warmth and rustic charm. Its earthy tones and organic textures create a tranquil ambiance, reminiscent of sun-kissed fields and blissful summer days.


Introducing “Sunny Summer,” a delightful embodiment of warmth and elegance. This enchanting creation features 50 meticulously crafted wheat sticks, reminiscent of golden rays dancing in the summer breeze. Each stick exudes natural charm and effortless grace, adding a touch of rustic sophistication to any space. The earthy tones and organic textures of the wheat evoke a sense of tranquility and evoke memories of sun-kissed fields. “Sunny Summer” invites you to embrace the timeless beauty of nature, infusing your surroundings with a radiant ambiance. Let this exquisite arrangement captivate your senses, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere that transports you to blissful summer days.


Product Ingredients:

Wheat 50 sticks


Best Fit For:

Enhance your space with this set of 50 green wheat sticks, perfect for tabletop decorations in homes and offices. A stylish and versatile choice for gifting, adding natural charm to any setting.


Green, Red, Bleached, Natural, Orange


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